Premium, Thick-Cut, Tender Steak Strips

The only thing Bill enjoys more than the open road and the wind in his face is the heat of a flame and the smell of smoked beef. Some call him a rebel, a wild man, a trail blazer — a man who lives by his own rules. Others, who know him better, call him a craftsman, an artist, an innovator, even a genius. Either way, Bill doesn’t give a flip what others call him. He is, who he is. Always was. Always will be. What he’s not, though, is some Rebel “without-a-cause” cliché. Because if there’s one thing you need to know about Bill, it’s this: The dude has a Cause...hoo boy, does he have a Cause.

You see, ever since Bill's early years, he was the kind of guy who liked his mufflers loud and his steak strips meaty. So you can understand just how incredibly disappointed he is with all the other smoked meats passed off as thick-cut steak strips. As long as Bill can remember, he knew his calling was to show the world what a real steak strip should taste like. Hence, the Cause was born.

He started at home, to his parents’ dismay, but quickly to their delight. His first job in the industry was with a popular brand-name company. His second job would be for himself.  While Bill was making his rise to icon status in the meat industry, he continuously worked late into the night, perfecting this new secret blend of spices –– Original Bill’s Secret Recipe. Nothing could stop him from perfecting a new bold taste, giving the world what it deserved.

Today, Bill’s heart remains on the open road, but his roots are firmly planted in Lancaster County, where a sense of craftsmanship lives on, with “home grown” and “handmade” still offering a source of great pride. He continues to fulfill his life-long dream by delivering only the finest meat snacks to the world. Found nationwide, Original Bill’s Beef Snacks are sold wherever meat lovers roam, including: convenience stores, travel centers, honkytonks, and other fine establishments.

As long as there is an open flame and strips of meat to be seasoned, you can always count on Original Bill’s thick-cut, long and tender steak strips to take your hunger on a wild beef ride.

Be An Original. 

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